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    Novelty Cameras for your book shelf

    Collection of Novelty “Cameras” $28 including shipping to US address

    These are nick-naps that I have bought through the years. All are in excellent condition. I don’t see any damage on any of them. All a good quality items.

    Rubber stamp of photographer and view camera, never used

    Smurf Photographer, tripod, release, and camera

    3 each Bellows cameras: plastic, metal , ceramic

    Metal camera on tripod w/apple and release.

    I am happy to sell items on APUG and I make a contribution to APUG.

    To make this work please:

    To buy send me a private message (PM) with your email address for use in communicating; I will provide my email address via PM.

    If you use PayPal I will ship to the address PayPal provides.

    When you pay tell me what you are buying!.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails StampSmurf.jpg   2Bellows .jpg   CamOnTripod.jpg   Ceramic Camera.jpg  



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