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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinCrabtree View Post
    I tried the local shop and while I was searching for a filter he walked outside and lit a cigarette. I found one I wanted and walked over to the counter. He continued to smoke and ignored me for 'bout 5 minutes while he talked with some workmen. I finally returned the filter to the shelf and walked out. As I walked away he asked" couldn't find one?" I just shrugged and left. Drove 70 miles to the next closest shop and bought what I needed. I give ya a chance but damn.
    You are a much nicer person than am I. Having been in that scenario once or twice I tend to leave the item on their counter and feel free to tell them that I found exactly but I was looking for but since they don't seem to want to sell it to me I had enough time to rethink the need and don't really need to buy it from them. Like you, i don't mind expending extra time/effort to go somewhere else but sometimes I wonder if I was biting off my nose to spite my face. But then I'm always willing to do it all over again when a business person acts like i'm doing them a favor trying to buy their wares.

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    Wholesalers and distributors can be awful. HP Marketing in the States is one such organization. Our organization will simply not buy products distributed by them or purchase them overseas. And the large retailers are only good if you know what you want, if there is any complexity or if you need advice from them or if they screw up, the situation is simply a nightmare. The best you can do today is to find a company that has a good return policy and figure everything out for yourself.

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