Hello Folks, here is my trick. I use the Paterson plastic reels, and I have always used 120 film, not 220. And I use Tri-X film, which is somewhat thin. I used T-Max film once or twice, and T-max was nice and thick; I never had problems with T-Max.

The process takes longer to describe it than actually do it. When I'm pulling the paper off and get to the first part of the film, I rip the paper off. Then with scissors, I cut the corners off of the film. I try to cut off as little as possible; that is, I try to make small triangles (these fall on the floor). Then I roll out the film and cut off the tape and other paper. I then re-roll the film so that the part with the cut off edges is in front. This helps with getting the film all the way on. It helps to avoid getting the film caught on something in the groove.

With that process, I only have trouble once a year of so.


-- Mark