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Ironic that you aim to leave the outside world behing in your darkroom, when generally that's exactly what your working on IN the darkroom...

But I get your point. I can hear my wife's complaints now..."You spend um-teen hours in that darkroom and now you want to play golf?! LOL

Ain't life grand?
If a print session lasts until one hour before dinner, I pour vodka over ice, return to my darkroom, and finish the series I've already started. The music and the printing process both suddenly become mellower. I haven't smoked week in many years and I'm glad I don't have access to it, for it creates an entirely different meditational experience that I doubt would be compatible with sensible darkroom work!! Finally, I don't play any sports, and I have an understanding mate who would much rather find me in my darkroom than in a dark bar cruising somebody for sex!