Carboys of chemicals on an overhead shelf is probably the simpelist solution. solenoid valves could do automatic fills, or replenishment. The CNC hobby has brought a lot of computer controlled robotic stuff into the low budget market. However, if it is not used a lot, at least daily, a replenishment system does not make a lot of sense. But contrary to some comments, if you are using a replenishment system, you may not need that quick a fill, as you are just adding small amounts frequently. A solenoid operated dump rinse tank also does not need to refill all that fast, so what if it takes 5 or 10 minutes to fill as long as the film or paper does not have time to dry out, it will be OK; and smaller, like 1/2 gallon tanks should only take a couple of minutes to refill.

This sort of thing is almost trivial nowadays.