I'm going to just recommend start working with what you have. While each of us have our own method and workaround for our less than ideal environment, you are the best judge of what works for you and what doesn't.

Once you start printing, you'll notice your time in darkroom is spent more on contemplating than producing. My darkroom is not that different from yours. It's setup in a spare bedroom and bathroom is outside the door. My washing station is in the garage.

For test prints and quick RC washing, I do it in bathroom. For archival washing, I take it to my garage. It's not bad at all... I can't really judge anything until the prints are dry anyway, so it's not that much of time lost to having have to make these trips.

If you are afraid of spilling, you can keep your trays inside a larger tub. I used to use storage containers that were originally made to fit under beds. Then scope liquid into cups for trips to the bathroom. (to dispose) I don't do that anymore since I kind of got the hang of this process.