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    Looking at two images, yes, there are significant difference in contrast but I also see the image on the right is lacking sharpness and overall crispness. Comparing two trees, one on the left is sharper but then camera wasn't even with both trees, so it's hard to tell.

    D2 is capable of very good results.

    A couple of things I am wondering.

    1) What kind of lens are you using and is it in tip-top shape?
    2) How did you focus your enlarger? Did you use a grain focuser?
    3) D2 can drift a bit.... in fact, I refocus before every exposure. Did you check that?
    4) Once the exposure starts, one must keep still to avoid passing vibration.... did you?
    5) Is your enlarger sitting on a stable surface?

    I don't think alignment (or lack there of) is your only problem. If that was the case, your print will show good/crisp focus somewhere on your image. (this is my current problem) You have a situation where it's not sharp anywhere on your image. You got something going on....

    Don't give up. Once it's tuned up and problems worked out, it'll do great.
    Develop, stop, fix.... wait.... where's my film?

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    thank you all for great ideas. i did make some prints, just too tired to post them up tonight. will do so tomorrow.

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