As i recently upgraded my Camera gear to 6x6, I got to upgrade my M670 to 6x6. ebay doesn't seem to be very helpful ATM, so I thought I'll ask the experts

Does anybody know a (not ridiculously expensive) source for a Durst Siriocon 80 Condenser (I think it fits the M605 and the M670), or preferably, the whole Vegaset 66 (= Condenser + 6x6 Masks)?

Any help finding some would be appreciated.

Also, if anyone got the 6x6 masks: could you please measure the size of the openings, so i could laser cut some replacement masks if i can't dig up any original ones.


p.s. i'm also looking for recommendations on 6x6 enlarging lenses. (up to 30x40cm probably)