Those are some great pictures! Thanks for sharing! I love GG park too - particularly the Botanical gardens. Is that where your fern image was from?

I've got the lens MTF charts and other information for each of the TLR's up on my site now, as well as some brochures and user manuals for the new TLR's if anyone is interested. btw - I hope to have my very own FW by the end of this month!

FW: MTF charts the last picture
Brochures and user manuals can be found from the main page under manuals & docs

Dennis is correct - these can be ordered in custom leather colors, with custom serial numbers and/or engraved identity plates, and the trim can be plated in chrome (standard), light gold, heavy 24ct gold, or platinum.

DHW is building these to order so they take some time to be delivered.

p.s. I hope I can post like this since I'm an APUG advertiser and supplying information... but obviously I have them for sale too, so mods please move or delete if this is not allowed.