Hello -

I have a Durst M70 with the Modular 70 BW condenser head, the Sinoneg carrier and the 35mm masks. I've also got a copy of the manual and see what Durst says I need to convert to 6x6/6x7. A few questions:

#1 - Vegacon 100

- I've searched for the past two months on google, ebay, SDS and my local NYC area Craigslist. I cannot find any evidence of these even existing. Has anyone seen one? Any tips on where I could get one of these?

#2 - Masks

- I've found a camera store on-line that lists the following in-stock:

Sivoma 66 metal upper mask
Sixma 66 Metal LWR mask for370/670

The M70 manual says I need a Sivopar 66 / Sixma 66

Any thoughts on whether the Sivoma66/Sixma66 combo would work for the M70 and the Sinoneg?

Thanks in advance for any insights.