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The next item on my list is a safelight. I plan on using VC paper. What is the difference between an orange "OC?" and red safelight? Also, I hear both good and bad about the bulbs that have the red coating on them. Would I be better off getting one that has a filter?
Get a proper safelight. I personally use an OC filter safe light. Look at the data sheet for whatever paper you are going to use and it will tell you which safelight to use. I have never gotten a safelight on it's own. It is usually cheaper to get everything as a package deal from someone who is getting rid of their darkroom.

A lot of bulbs may look like safelights but they are not. Unless it is specifically made for darkrooms you may be wasting your money.

Craigslist is a great source for local photo equipment. I've gotten most of my stuff through there. Your local market may differ.