Ken, I spoke with David Hass a few years ago, I should have bought one then. My question was about shutting the flow off and how long it would take to respond again. It's fairly quick was the answer. If conservation wasn't an issue I'd leave the water running.

Our water is the best I've tasted. I'm a native and have always expected it. The treated water isn't my favorite but my dentist keeps telling me to drink it instead of bottled water.

I don't have filters now in the darkroom. When I get a new control unit I'll put in a pair. I'll let you know when I do it. In less than a month I'm going to the George Eastman House for a carbon transfer workshop with Mark Osterman. He and Ron along with others teach there. It's going to be my first visit and I'm looking forward to it. After I return I'm plumbing in a new unit, changing the sink arrangement and moving out an enlarger and moving in my Durst 5x7. In the process I'm having separate wet and a dry areas. My darkroom is small. It's off a larger room that's getting finished as my studio. I have a nice sized bathroom too. A full size stairway takes a huge chunk of real estate out of a second floor room. So much work to do in this space! Having a first floor shop is handy. I need to get it squared away to. I've been working on the house.