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With all respect, this is wrong. The fixed top and left sides provide for large white borders. The paper just slips under the metal and there are adjustable stops

Addressing the concerns about the 2nd hand Focomats 1C being complete: I have seen many (like 20 or more) and the only things that were sometimes missing are the lose parts: anti newton glass and negative holder . . . and about them working properly: any one with even little technical skills (like me) can clean these beautiful machines and make them work.

Just find one that looks like it was well treated
I can speak only to the 8X10 easel. The fixed blades at top and left side give approximately a 5mm border.
The distance you can insert paper is restricted by a non removable wooden edge and the hinge itself.
The lower and right side can be moved horizontally(side) or vertically(up & down) and can be adjusted for even edges ONLY if you're using the entire paper area.
IE: You cannot center an image giving it equal borders. You also cannot print a smaller print centered on 810 paper.