I've been using an Omega B-8 enlarger for almost 30 years, and I can testify that they are very tough. Mine came with the Omegalite cold light head, and the cold light head doesn't need to be modified in any way to use different, formats and lenses. So I can't be of much help on the condenser issues, except to say that my Omega D-2 uses a variable condenser to use different formats and lenses. If you're not going to be doing any other formats than the ones stated, you should have all you need. If you do need other lens cones for other formats, make sure they fit a B-8, as the cones from the D series will not fit. And I agree, that if your lenses are older models you might want to upgrade to modern 6 element coated lenses. (although older Schneider Componon lenses are usually fine) Good luck!