I have given up on the idea of finding a 35mm mixing box for my LPL 4550 XLG, none to be had and highly likely I if one does pop up it will go for stupid money at this point.

So I took the faceplates off of both my 6x7 and 4x5 mixing boxes to see how they are constructed and they are actually quite simple. I believe I can make my own 35mm mixing box by finding a slide projector condenser lens and using the inner foam from the 6x7 box, can make it all a quick and easy swap too.

What I need to find out are a few things about the 35mm box. I need to know both the diameter and a rough estimate of the bulge thickness of the condenser lens. I need a photo of the back of the faceplate that holds the condenser lens and a photo of the inner foam light path to see if it is the same as my 6x7 one.

If anyone is up to this, all you have to do is remove the two Phillips head screws that hold the faceplate on the mixing box, super simple construction, no springs to go flying, etc.

It would be a big help, I am confident I can build this in a few hours once I know the parameters to work from.

Either post it here or PM me if you are up for it...