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    T400CN is not the first choice when printing on classical B&W paper. This film is designed for the minilab for printing (neutral B&W prints) on RA-4 color paper.
    If you want to use chromogene B&W film and print on classical B&W paper, use the Ilford XP2 super, best on iso 250 and normally C41 development.
    Use the right Split Grade settings on the Heiland and your results will be fine.

    Nevertheless a classical B&W film is in my opinion better than these mentioned options. Correct B&W development is more difficult than the standard C41. In fact you need to optimize your development. Even Split Grade from Heiland can not fix a lousy negative which needs grade 0,5 or 4,5.

    I wish you the best results in your darkroom.

    Best regards,



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    Thanks.....I have been printing T400CN for about 2 years without the Splitgrade and it's worked well on Polycontrast paper although manipulation of contrast is definately needed. You have explained something to me that makes a lot of sense and this has been a real eye-opener for me. No one else has told me this and I think it explains a lot.

    Separately, I have been thinking of going back to Tri-X because I like the "look better." This is another reason to do it--ease of printing.

    Thanks again.

    Jeffrey Steinberg, K2MIT
    Scarsdale, NY

    www.jsteinbergphoto.com (my avocation)
    www.reversis.com (my vocation)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey A. Steinberg

    I get much better results with my Tri-X film and had some good prints with it.

    I guess I wasn't expecting to use the compensation features a lot but I have to try.

    Thanks for all of your help; Its been great.
    persevere with the Heiland it is a great bit of gear, do get the upgrade from Heiland, you can download them from thier website or they will send them to you ona disc.

    I find that I have to use the density compensation settings for various developer/ paper combinations but you can store the changes for future use

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