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    Water quality question(s), Colex Colour Processor?

    First posting, pertaining to darkroom water quality and seggy into setup and using a Colex 80M color print processor.
    Finally, I am able to construct a fully equipped darkroom since 1987! Only difference is location and the water source is well water. Tests indicate a high Ca++ and Fe+++ content plus other minerals. Darkroom located in separate structure from house which has water softener and filter. Water to darkroom is straight from well with only three stage filter supplying electric water heater. Even after filtering, hot water smells of strong Hydrogen Sulfide level. Besides concerns for hard water damage to equipment and supplies, I can't help but think that chemical purity will suffer. What do you
    folks suggest?
    Also, I would like to obtain a set guide, use manual, and repair book for a Colex 80 M Studio Processor which I gleaned from a local school's warehouse sale.
    thanks for your assistance

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    First thing to do is to remove the Zinc rod from the water heater. With the amount of disolved mineral you have, the Zinc rod is acting like part of a battery and with the heater generating hydrogen and oxygen inside the container, reacting with the minerals. I too HAD the same problem, as well as neutralized and ineffective developers. (elsewhere posted). The softener will offer little help for darkroom use. Mix and use chemistry using distilled water, and use well water only for wash/rinse stages.
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