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    I've used tray; I've used tanks with hangers. I felt both had shortcomings. I now use a Combi T tank. Handles up to 12-sheets of 4 x5 film. Capacity is 1-liter. However, since I use quite dilute developer, I only develop 6-sheets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Zentena
    Well the 2509N are supposed to be improved-) Jobo last I checked wasn't even reccommending loading the older reels with a full six sheets. Did you do the test with only the 2509N or with the 2509 to?

    I don't know. It seems different people have different problems with these reels. I've never had any. Others seem to have nothing but problems. Worse I've never seen a ryhme or reason to the problems.

    I'm just not willing to gamble on the older reels. Not with Jobo themselves admiting those reels had problems.
    I think 2509 and 2509N are different only in the latter's ability to take the locking plates. The locking plates can indeed keep the films separated, not that much of an issue when doing four-up per reel, but without the locking plates, six-up can run the danger of the film curling up to touch the neighbouring one. However, as noted, the locking plates also introduce the issue of irregular solution flow which ends up as irregular development.

    So, to be on the safe side, only use these reels without locking plates (without them the 2509n becomes a 2509 anyway) and do only four-up. But I have had no major mishaps using them six-up without locking plates.

    Perhaps this might go some way in explaining the situation?

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    My understanding is the 2509N came about because the older reels had irregular development.

    I don't know. All I can say is I have no problems with six sheets. I know others don't either. I also know some people do have problems. If a pattern existed I wish it would jump up and down so I can spot it.

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