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Also, I could do a comparison between a Nikkor enlarging lens but I dont own one and would have to use another darkroom, not my own, so that could happen sometime early next week... I am just as interested as you are in its quality, I will post my results here (granted, the lenses on my camera arent the grandest, but I am sure we can learn SOMETHING !)

I tried searching for info on the net about this lens, if you found anything you probably found a bit of info about the actual lens I own, its serial appeared on some websites... serial #23054 but ah! thanks to apug now i know someone else has this lens! and maybe people in the future will be able to learn some stuff from this thread.
Well, I agree it's nice to know someone else with this lens! Mine is SN 26015. I'll have to search the web to see if anyone wrote about *my* lens (doubt it).

I may be getting the Nikon. I'll let you know and try to do a side-by-side comparison.