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Bump em if they got the right amnount of pedals - if not, the'y're not really cars, so who cares.
Actually, my first car didn't have the right amount of pedals, but I still roll started it several times. Seems before about 1965, some automatic transmissions had a "rear pump" which would pressurize the transmission's hydraulics and allow engaging the gears if either the input or output shaft was turning fast enough. I'd put it in low, let it start rolling, build up my biceps and triceps steering without power assist for a few seconds, and when it hit 17 mph, it'd kick into gear and start right up.

You could also tow that one without damage, instead of having to drop the drive line as is recommended for most rear drive automatics; the manual only recommended disconnecting the drive line if you were towing more than 100 miles (to avoid wear on the universal joints).

Bad news was, it got about 10 mpg around town, and cost $12 to fill (when gas was newly arrived at 60 cents a gallon and my monthly disposable income, as a high school student, was about $25).