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    Depending on parking access to water and power, I knew someone who built a darkroom in a camping trailer. Used a 4X5 laid out vertical on one side, built a sink that took 3 16X20 trays on the other side and washed in small toilet area. Her only compliant is that even with the unit on jacks it rocked in the wind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankB
    I thought about this one a little more (the problem is I'm useless at diagrams!). See how this sounds:

    Make a rectangular frame, as big as necessary, possibly cross-braced, possibly from lightish wood or tubular metal.
    PVC is the way to go. Modular, Sturdy, and lite. No hammering, welding or bolting. If all you are doing is making an extension to the closet this would work great. All the rest of yur plan seems like it would work too, except for the velcro on the wall, maybe two strips down and over the door of the closet, would block the light entirly.
    Technological society has succeeded in multiplying the opportunities for pleasure, but it has great difficulty in generating joy. Pope Paul VI

    So, I think the "greats" were true to their visions, once their visions no longer sucked. Ralph Barker 12/2004

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    "I use it mostly to chop my fav fiber down
    to 5x7s since it isn't manufactured in that size."

    I'd like to see Graded FB in 5 x 7. I cut down to that size one sheet
    at a time using a light duty rotary.
    I've considered placeing a special order then offering it on eBay.
    Perhaps JandC would source an order. There is some interest in that
    size. I've some VC that size but have gone Graded for a not so dark
    darkroom; much lighter, much pleased.

    I've made a roomy darkroom of a small space by adopting the
    single tray processing method. The method is very similar to that
    of rotary tube processing. Also similar is the adoption of one-shot
    chemistry usage; no storing used chemistry. I do without use of
    a stop of any sort, film or paper.

    If you opt for neutral to alkaline solutions, you'll have an oderless
    lab. Save for special occasions, acid processing is passe. Dan

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