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    Identify this turret; lens removal

    Hi all,

    To my utter shock, I won the following ePay auction:


    It arrived today and the glass is in excellent shape. However, I am left with the following questions:

    1) Anyone recognize the turret? All I know is that it doesn't fit an Omega DII (which is what I have). Is it a late model turret for the D5? I suspect this because the 135mm lens is mounted at the same level as the other two lenses, which only makes sense if the enlarger has extra bellows draw.

    2) I'm not planning to use the turret. The 135mm and 75mm are on removable screw-in plates (one has the Omega number 421-935 which KHB Photografix lists as "Extended Oval Lens Plate with 42mm hole"). The 50mm is not mounted on a plate but appears to be attached to the turret itself. All the lenses appear to have a spring behind them.

    How do I get the lenses off this beast? I'm going to be using them with a DII; I have the 2 1/2 inch cone already for the 135mm lens, and I have a flat lens board as well. Do I need a special tool to release the lock rings or something? I'm pretty baffled here.

    Thanks as always for the collected wisdom.
    good light

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    The lenses should unscrew from the assembly pretty easily. You might have to remove the Omega-style boards from the turrett to get those two lenses off; the third should just unscrew from the assembly.

    If there is a retaining ring on the other side of any of these, a lens spanner would make it easier to get the lenses off, but probably isn't absoluely necessary. (One trick for stubborn lenses: wear rubber gloves while you're gripping the lenses and trying to turn them. I've unscrewed lenses that were seemingly locked tight to various mounts this way.)

    Nice deal you got there, considering the lenses. The turret doesn't look familiar; hopefully someone else can help you with what it's for.
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    Omega D5500

    Looks like it goes on an Omega D5500 to me.



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