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Thread: Jobo users

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaughn
    Years ago, I bought a CPE and processed B&W with it. If you stayed there to monitor the temps, it worked will and produced excellent negatives. I spotted a "wounded" CPP on ebay and bought it. It isn't much to look at but it controls the temp and gives you a lot more flexibility. The expert drum system is not compatible with the CPE - that is reason alone to move up to the CPA/CPP level.

    I use a 1:9 dilution of TMax RS @75 degrees and use twice the amount recommended for the drum. My results are amazingly consistent and repeatable. If I have a variation in a negative, it is always something I have done. The development variable is completely removed from the equation.
    Consistency is important with any processing method, whether it`s done manually or by an automatic processor. Jobo also make the excellent TBE-2 which holds either six or twelve 1 litre chemical storage bottles. This is a very useful accessory for those who use Jobo or Paterson type tanks for inversion agitation and ideal for any B&W amateur darkroom hobbyist.

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    Lots of comments. I "was" going to get a new cpe+...but I just "scored"
    a used in nice condition with drums, a CPA-2 with a lift on Ebay.
    Woo hoo !. Life is gonna be good. I have a friend that bought one back in 1988 and I ran quite a few rolls of 35mm and 120 doing C-41 and E6 through it. I haven't used one in 15 years...I'm getting old .

    On the fixer...I use, and I'm old fashioned except for using a "new fangled"
    jobo, regular fixer. I also do 2 fix bath. Using 2 fix processed to archival, meaning keeping the silver content LOW, 16oz fix one, and 16oz fix 2 will do 20 4x5 sheets. Not 20 if it's T-max tho. One shot in a jobo 2500 tank would use 540ml for 6 sheets. That's expensive !. You can read up the the 2 fix advantage some where on the apug is the link to www.binbook.com has an
    article with the information that was given by Grant Haist, former director of research at Kodak.

    On the Jobo. I read altho not recomend, but most people don't have a problem, developing fiber paper with it. Anyone here run fiber in it, and did you get "bumps" in the paper from the drum. I will mostly use trays, but this is also another option.

    I'm excited...remember using my friends with the old unicolor chems, and every roll was a winner. You can't fault a jobo for consistency. I want to try a vit-c and carbonate only dev I read about. Take 30 min or more, but I don't care. Slap on the drum and go watch TV !.


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