Jane is right - we dont' know where the problem is, only what the symptoms are.

Jane also noted that voltage itself is not hazardous - it's current that induces cardiac fibrillation and leads to death. And the thresholds of sensibility and danger vary between people. Charles F. Dalziel proved that in his experiments on students at the University of California at Berkley back in the early 60's. Many of us have inadvertantly been exposed to the voltage in a 120v residential circuit with no apparent harm, and yet the incident in New York last year in which a pedestrial was electrocuted after coming in contact with an electrified manhole cover involved on about 50 volts. I have personally experienced shocks at voltage at the several thousand volt level and I'm still walking around (though some would suspect there was permanent brain damage).

I think the most important point in this thread is that electricity can be dangerous. And its a really good idea to have a ground fault circuit interruptor on the receptacle circuit to a darkroom.