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    It is not the Delta that you have mentioned, but I have the following:

    Delta Water Temp II with Temperature Lock (approx $59 B&H)


    I have attached (I hope) a photo of how it is plumbed. It's not a very good photo, but I have a filter in line after the thermometer. I bought all of the other parts at a hardware store. It's not very pretty and I don't know if this is the right way to do plumbing for a darkroom, but it has worked for me and I'm quite happy with the cost and functionality of the Delta. No it doesn't automatically correct the water temperature, but I keep my eye on it and it doesn't really vary much unless I spend too much time in the darkroom and start running out of hot water. I must note, however, my darkroom is in a separate building from my home where the darkroom is the only use of water on that hot water tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Starr
    ++"If you have some minor plumbing skills I would save some cash and buy a bath & shower faucet at your local home improvement center."

    - I don't understand this recommendation. Would you mind explaining what you mean a little more?++

    I'm not the person that said the above, but - - - - Are you planning on doing any of the plumbing yourself? Have you ever done minor plumbing jobs like adding a faucet? If so, you can get a shower control valve from a large home center and use it as a temperature regulator. I use a Delta brand that cost me about 60 bucks. I can control the temperature to within a degree or 2 with no problems. It's cheaper than the "dedicated darkroom" controls. For example, the Hass is $500.00!

    If you want, look here for a picture of my faucet setup.
    Well put Dave, sorry for the cryptic post.
    Mike A

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    When you say Hass Low Flow flow option, are your referring to Model D250 or Model 250 modified?

    Jeffrey Steinberg, K2MIT
    Scarsdale, NY

    www.jsteinbergphoto.com (my avocation)
    www.reversis.com (my vocation)

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