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    I have used two sets of metal mangers for 8x20. One set is the static clip set where the clips are on each side of the film. These work OK, but it takes a bit of practice to pull and clip staying on the edge of the film to keep the film as flat as possible. A better alternative is a set of hangers I got from a guy in the UK that has two springs that pull in two directions to keep the film as flat as possible. In any event, the NVG assist greatly in this endevor.

    Changing subjects, I want to point out that if you can see a red glow coming from your IR light bank or your illuminator, it is not 100% IR otherwise it would be invisible to the eye and also the film. It appears based upon my observations (not backup by scientific research - who has the time?) that a diffused glass surface has the ability to filter out a decent percentage of the adverse light energy that can fog film. I will conduct a few more tests and calibrate these results with a densitometer for a later post.

    Unintentionally adding a few units of base fog with LED banks or an energetic IR illuminator is the practical equivelant of using outdated film and completely defeats the purpose of NVG. Yes, you can still make images that appear unaffected, but your density range needs to be compensated on the high end to make up for what you are adding to the film on the low end. Keep that in mind if you are finding that you are realizing less than optimal net film densities. Just my $0.02.

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    This IR DBI thing is really interesting to me. Has anyone tried to see if they could fog a high speed emulsion with the IR emitters? Or even a very high speed emulsion like TMZ, or Delta 3200 with it's extended red sensitivity?

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