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    My wall mounted airconditioner has a lever which allows either recirculation or fresh air.

    There is a marked difference when I open the unit for fresh air. I always run it in the fresh air mode.

    My unit is a Carrier unit made in Japan, high quality and relatively high priced in it's day.


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    Jennifer I have no idea how crazy hot your darkroom gets. Milwaukee is more than 10 miles north of you. Running a Kreonite processor will not make it any cooler. You may be able to the keep the room tempeture below the tempeture of the processor just thru using insulation. This of course does not make it a comfortable place for you tp work in. You might want to consider applying 2 or 4 inch thick Styrofoam on the walls and ceiling and cover with white plastic sheeting. This may not be too terribly expensive. I would imagine that you will end up air conditioning your darkroom. The insulation will pay for itself with lowered electrical costs. If you would cover your enlarger and other items this would allow you to hose down your darkroom assuming it has a drain.

    What I think you should do is to install the air conditioner thru a wall. I would build a plenum on the outside of the air conditioner that will either accept HEPA or auto filters and have an exhaust vent within the darkroom that leads back to the plenum..before the filters. This way you would constantly be cleaning the darkroom air. Print spotting might be reduced. Most certainly I would get an air conditioner that has a thermostat. Making sure that the air pressure is higher than the air pressure outside of the room would guarantee that when entering or exiting the darkroom that uncleaned air does not enter it.

    Jennifer enjoy your new color capabilities.
    Claire (Ms Anne Thrope is in the darkroom)

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