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Well, here's the update on my MXT. I really like the machine. I am going to do quite a bit more printing this weekend to try and make a final decision about keeping the Beseler, or keeping the Omega.

The plot on keeping the Beseler has "thickened", as we say. I've had contacts about buying the Universel head, and trading for the head. I've been using it, and it works just fine, and is easy enough to use, it just won't work with the RH timer. However, I have a chance to get a condensor head either through trade or purchase, and there are also some 45S heads out there available.

The 45S head appears to be a dicroic head similar to the Chromega, correct? That is, it would work with any timer, unlike the computerized Universal.

If this is so, this factors into my decision tree. And yes, it has become a tree!
I would keep the Beseler with the Dichro 45S. The Universal light source is very slick but difficult to find the VC controller. I have 2 Dichro 45S heads and they are reliable. You do have to dial in the filtration changes each time for split printing which is tedious. It will work with the RH Designs timers (I use the SpopClock Pro). They do have light leaks which I patch with black electrical tape and I built a baffle out of mat board and tape to fit over the fan exhaust where most of the light leaks.