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If you make a flat lens board to replace the cone you should be able to use the 50mm, the 105 lens cone may be so long that what every you gain by recessing the 50mm will not be enough to matter with the 50. You can mask the carrier with stiff cardboard for a 35mm negative. Are the condensers adjustable? In the end you may be better off buying a Durst, Vivtair, or Bogen 35mm enlarger, Ive seen them of eay under $50.00.
The condensors are just two big halves facing each other placed on the top. The 35mm I can just use the blades as I already said to cover up. Also I got the kindermann for free, so just trying to work with what I got. Tonight I'm gona try that 39mm thread adapter and try to flip the cone upside down and see what happens.

But no the condensers are not adjustible, they do not change position from the back of the negative carrier.