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    You can try to use Ilford under the lens, glass (or into filter drawer, plastic), multigrade filters. Just use unfiltered light from enlarger head and use Ilfords filters. I have Opemus 5 and Magifax 4 with colour heads (Old Meochrome for Opemus and newer Meochrome 3 for Magnifax), but I will buy Ilford under the lens, glass filters. No more guessing "is grade 3 60M20Y or 65M15Y, or...?"

    To say, as I have b/w heads too for both enlargers I am OK, I don't know how light from colour head (that is halogen, unfiltered) works with multigrade filters.

    Ilford filters should work fine with ordinary b/w head, but if someone tried halogen light from colour head (unfiltered) to use with Ilford multigrade filters (especially glass under the lens type), I would be gratefull for informations how that combination works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ole View Post

    I recommend a (very cheap and very useful) Ilford EM-10 enlarging meter. It just so happens that a reading of an almost-white area of the print will give exactly the same tone across all filters with Ilford paper.

    If I find I need to change filtration I select a highlight, twiddle the meter dial until it goes green; change filtration, twiddle the aperture (or in my case, aperture and Neutral filtration) until it's green again; and then make a print at exactly the same exposure time.
    Hi Dave, I have such a EM-10 meter and would like to use it the way you describe and for the same purpose. I just have one question. When you say that you select a highlight, do you mean that you put the meter where there's hardly any projected light on the paper? (It will be white after the printing process) Or at the spot on the paper where there's the most projected light? (It will be black after the printing process).

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    Quote Originally Posted by haris View Post
    You can try to use Ilford under the lens, glass (or into filter drawer, plastic), multigrade filters. Just use unfiltered light from enlarger head and use Ilfords filters.
    Putting a plastic filter between the lens and the paper is asking for image degredation. If you don't get on well with using multigrade with the colour head, you can always take it off and get a used condensor or multigrade head. They are completely modular and swapping head takes a matter of seconds.


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    Michiel, that was me with the EM-10...

    Yes, I meant an area that will be a highlight in the print. I've learned that I need to turn off the safelight though, since my (print) highlights tend to be very dense (in the negative) and my safelight is quite bright. So I turn off the safelight when metering.
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