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And no I'm not looking for a magic bullet. I am looking for a more complete understanding of the man and his equipment and the events of his life and the time he was living in.
Curt, you might just pick up the "In Focus" series book on Edward Weston, edited by Brett Abbott. It contains a good collection of representative photos and a number of other interesting tidbits, for example, in 1933 EW resolved not to make any enlarged portraits any more, only contacts. There is a fair amount of personal info (marriage, affairs, declining health etc.), pre and post f/64 ... a quite useful intro for understanding his work. Note that Adams also had a few interesting things to say about EW in his "Examples" book.

There is much to be learned from him by educating ourselves on the life and times of Edward Weston and his contemporaries. You should be commended for taking that step.