I am glad to be able to help. By the way, same time as contact printer I bought Paterson's FB print washer. I wasn't sure if I used and assembled it correctly. And same like you pentaxuser, I wasn't sure if I read manual correctly (it seems Paterson's manuals are not written to be easy to understand, especially if English is not native language of reader of those manuals ). So, I sent E_mail to Paterson with question. Never got response.

But, good people here on APUG answered my question, thanks to them...

Saying that, I tried both alternative methods of making contact sheets: First to put paper on baseboard, "naked" film strips on paper and glass over film strips, and next one to put film strips in clear film sleeves, put those on paper and glass over sleeves. Even if both methods are fine, I still bought contact printer. If I used first alternative method, and if I need to make few copies of contact sheet, I had to allways over and over carefully line up precisely film strips onto paper, which was time consuming and nerve consuming process (for me). So, having film strips firmly on place, and only change paper was great for me. And working with second altrernative method, I never was able to put those sleeves onto 8x10 paper, only on 11x14. And it seems to me that using 11x14 paper instead of 8x10 for 36 frames of 35mm film was wasting of paper . And not to mention keeping single "loose" piece of glass clean was harder than keeping contact printer glass clean. I don't know why, but it was

So I was able to justify cost of 35mm contact printer. But, would I be able to work without one? Of course I would.