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    Prince Edward Island, Canada

    It followed me home... can I keep it? - Take 2!

    Hi All:

    Well, I said things like this never happen to me - I have to retract it.

    I had put an ad on a local Buy, Sell and Trade board mentioning I was looking for darkroom equipment, never expecting to find more than perhaps odds and ends.

    Well, this morning, I got a call from a gentleman who had taught a photography course years ago.

    He told me he had a large amount of gear for me if I was interested in travelling to the other end of PEI to pick it up. Like a flash, I was off!

    This is the list as received. Once I decide out of it what I am going to keep, there will be some items I will offer up for only the cost of shipping, exactly what I paid for it . When I am ready (a few weeks off, as I want to get my darkroom set up first), I will place a message announcing the surplus items... Don't ask till then

    Re: Look - they followed me home!

    Beseler 23C Enlarger

    120 and 35 film carriers for above

    2 Beseler 75 mm f 3.5 lenses

    1 spare bulb

    1 Patterson Focusing Scope

    1 Patterson contact frame

    1 set Beseler Contrast filters in box.

    1 Vivitar Easel

    Paper & film (Outdated, but well sealed and kept in cool storage):

    3 boxes Polycontrast 3 RC Kodak

    1 Pkg. Ilfobrom !B2.1 P

    1 Pkg. Polycontrast RC

    1 unopened can of Bulk TRI X 35mm film.


    2 New in Box Omega 35mm stainless reels

    1 NIB Omega 120 stainless reels

    1 NIB Omega Universal Dev. System Tank & Reels

    1 Used Omega Universal Dev. System Tank & Reels

    1 Little used Omega Stainless tank w. 35 mm and 120 reels

    6 plastic Gaf tanks with reels (only 3 have thermometer/agitator)

    1 NIB Unicolour plastic reel

    1 older GraLab timer

    1 Newer NIB (smaller) GraLab timer

    1 Arkay Paper Safe

    1 Prinz Lens cleaning kit

    2 doz. or so 35mm refillable cannisters

    1 NIB Watson 35mm loader

    2 used Lloyds Daylight loaders

    1 NIB Kodak Model D safe Light

    1 Homebrew large safelight (perfect for over sink)

    6 glass hanging thermometers

    2 Stainless dial thermometers

    32 Stainless film clips

    8 Stainless tongs

    2 plastic solution stirrers

    7 Kodak Duraflex developing trays (5x7)

    4 Kodak Duraflex developing trays (8x10)

    7 - 1 gallon brown plastic chemistry jugs

    2 - 1 quart bottles

    1 - 1 pint bottle

    I think that is it, but I am still finding stuff....

    Enlarger is in great shape despite being stored for a number of years!
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    Nice haul! Let us know what you plan to sell off.
    "The secret to life is to keep your mind full and your bowels empty. Unfortunately, the converse is true for most people."

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    Prince Edward Island, Canada

    Can I Take THEM Home?

    Quote Originally Posted by Snapshot View Post
    Nice haul! Let us know what you plan to sell off.
    Sure will. Like I said, it will take a while (till I get the darkroom set up) before I know. I won't be selling any of it off - but will be giving the surplus items (whatever they may be) away for the cost of postage. That was part of the agreement I made with the individual who gave me this equipment. For certain there will be a number of tanks and film clips. But it will take time till I decide what to let go and what to keep. For certain I will be keeping the enlarger

    I will be sure to post to the list when I am ready...

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    Come on Dave, you've got two Gralab timers, keep the new one and give me the old one.

    I am setting up my darkroom too and I have no processing timer yet

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    That's just, like, my opinion, man...



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