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    I found, at an astronomy supplies for amateurs shop, an Orion Red Beam II Variable Brightness Astro Flashlight , which has two red leds and no filter, and a rheostat (?) to wind up the level from dim to fairly bright, all with one hand.

    It has a lanyard to hang it around your neck, possibly just long enough at full extension to dip it into your tray-full of chemistry if you are careless! It uses one 9v battery of the common kind.

    Made in (where else?) China.

    I like it very much.

    Regards - Ross
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    Online source for the Orion astronomy flashlight: http://www.telescope.com/control/cat...C1D629.ivprod1
    Rigel Starlite models (google for retailers) are similar.

    scopestuff.com has a few choices under "red things" at their site: http://scopestuff.com/#Red%20Things

    I'd recommend the torches/flashlights and replacement bulbs at http://superbrightleds.com/flashlights.htm as well. They are more reasonably priced than many other places.

    BTW, you can easily and permanently diffuse an LED by roughing up its surface a bit with a fine synthetic abrasive pad. I do this so that it's easier to read star charts with red LEDs and more even illumination over a broader angle.


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