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    A couple of years ago I replaced the bellows on my D2V, bought the replacement from Harry Taylor at Classic enlargers. The bellows are originally glued on and Harry will send you instructions about how to glue the edges on (takes a certain kind of glue, not sure how absolutely critical that is, but I can't remember the type). The consideration from Harry was exemplary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry S View Post
    Ed-- thanks for the kind offer. I'm looking for the foam gasket that goes on the bottom of the Super Chromega D dichroic II head, a lens disc that will fit an older 150mm Schneider Componon-S lens, and a 42mm x .75 retaining ring. Probably not in your parts bin, but I do appreciate your offer.
    You're right, unfortunately. The lens disc would probably be the most likely thing to find.

    I do, however, have a bellows. Whether it is in much better shape than your is questionable, though. I believe it is light tight, but is does have some separation of the layers. Let me know if you'd be interested.

    I essentially have an almost complete enlarger "carriage" -- neg stage, bellows, lens stage and and the parts that these attach to and ride up and down the columns on. The caveat there is that the side arms that hold the neg stage had been 'butchered' and were replaced with (decent) home made replacements. If anyone needs parts off of this, I'd be happy to supply them for the shipping cost. I really need to get rid of this.

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