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    I just bought a Daylabii and was very frustrated with trying to figure out how to load a film pack into the base. I ruined the first pack because the second picture I attemted failed to come through the rollers and smeared the rollers with goop. The second pack was easier to load and I experimented with various filter settings to try and get a decent but on the fifth try the print messed up the samee way as it did with my first film pack. That was my last film pack. I still don't know what went wrong. I'm thinking about getting a 4x5 base as it seems to be a bit more straight forwar in the loading process.
    Also, the slide I was trying to print did not print well and I think that k64 is not saturated enough to print well let alone trying a film or emulsion tranefer. Any suggestions ?

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    K64 can be plenty saturated, but you might find it helps to underexpose 1/3 stop or so. More likely, it's the instant film that is not saturated enough. You might experiment with different film types.

    There are instructions on handling and loading Polaroid materials and a list of products they make at the Polaroid website. Also go to the Fuji website. You might find that the Fuji FP-100C is more to your taste, but I don't know how well it transfers.

    The pack should just snap in, so it shouldn't be too difficult to load. Be sure to check and clean the rollers before inserting a new pack. Be careful not to pull the film too quickly and to pull it straight out of the holder, if you're getting undeveloped patches. If you don't get a white tab after pulling a yellow tab, you can open the holder slightly in subdued light and fish out the next white tab.
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