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    It does not matter how you time it so long as you time it same way each time. You need to find your own proper time anyway.

    Same with liquid. Use it as a two reel filling it or as a single and double filling it. Use as a single by covering the bottom with the film only. The time may be a little shorter. Use empty spacer reel.

    If you had instructions for the Patterson, they would tell you to fill the tank, then use the twist stick for the first agitation, add the final cap and invert for subsequent agitations. This works for me.

    With stainless tanks, imersing reels into the tank already filled with developer is the proper way. After that, pour in/out thru the top. With one and two reel tanks, you may pour developer thru the top, but you are asking for trouble sooner or later.

    Pattersons nicely fill from the bottom up which eliminates most all risk of uneven immersion.

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    one other tip for the paterson tank. When you put the lid on, lift one point of the edge and press center of lid down to expell some air and press lid closed. That stops it from leaking during inversions.

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