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    Doran Photo Processor Temperature Control TC-750


    Amongst an assortment of darkroom goods won in a recent ebay auction is a Doran Processor Temperature Control Model TC-750. Anyone have knowledge of how to properly utilize this item?


    - James

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    a past posting reference

    it is a submersible heater - see the paste from a post a few years ago:

    Andrew looks like he's up against the limited capacity of the Jobo for tempering enough water for washing and preheating enough chemistry for a long session. I've seen the prices on the Jobo TBE, and had problems with spending that much on a plastic tub and heating element.

    Given that, for an auxiliary tempering bath I use an aquarium pump and a submersible heater with thermostat, DevTec Model TC-750 made for photography by Doran Enterprises, www.doranet.com, and available from B&H Photovideo and others (http://tinyurl.com/6tjfk). I put them in a shallow plastic storage box with closed cell foam on the bottom and sides. You could also use an ice chest/cooler/eski for a bit more efficiency. I know some people use aquarium heaters, and they could be less expensive, but I went with the US$110 purpose built unit because it's designed to withstand exposure to photochemicals. This arrangement certainly helps when the Jobo capacity isn't enough for wash water, and holds temperature to a fraction of a degree very well. Perhaps there's something similar in the UK market, or an aquarium heater would serve. I suspect the 750W DevTec might have a larger heating capacity than small aquarium heaters. It is designed to work with color processing temperatures, although I've only used it at 75F and lower.

    Sorry, but I don't know if this is distributed in the UK. It certainly looks like it's still made in the US



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