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Thread: Nova newbie...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob F. View Post
    Note that if you don't print for a while, life will start to appear in citric acid based stop-bath. Small civilizations will arise,
    I too have used citric acid as stop BUT its not best left in the machine. The rubber too in the hoses does not tend to like it either. Probably best to just use a spoon of citric acid in water and fill/drain/replace with water after every session. For longer term use you might want instead to consider a vinegar stop bath. I've found it works better. Given the small surface area odors should not present any problems to all but the most hypersensitive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blighty View Post
    Thanks for the replies. While I'm here I may as well ask about replenishment. Do you draw off a certain amount of solution, ditch it and then top up with fresh or simply top up as the level falls (I reckon that would only apply to the dev slot). The Nova instructions don't make it very clear, either that or I'm as thick as pigshit
    I don't print regularly enough to justify keeping the NOVA full of Chemicals at the end of a print session
    I always start from scratch with a fresh set of chemicals and store the processor dry.
    I have tried leaving it with Stop & Fix in place but found I was developing staining in the tanks.
    This may or may not affect the process but I figured it wasn't worth finding out.
    As for Dev - well it depends upon the sort of paper you are using.
    If I use RC then there is very little aborbed - so every 20 prints or so I draw off 25% of the solution and top it up with fresh (I make-up an excess amount at the start)
    If I am using FB then the paper absorbs enough that all I do is top up - I don't need to syphon off.
    I do agree with your comments about the operating instructions not being clear.
    Have fun

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