I recently received an Omega E6 enlarger with the circle-light cold head and after receiving no responses to my request for a link to an online manual or pdf file I thought I'd better try to find out what members with experience using this enlarger or light head can tell me in general.

I haven't worked with a cold head yet and I seem to recall that this type doesn't play well with polycontrast papers.

It looks to me like I have about a dozen different film holders for this, including a glass 4x5 or 5x7 holder and what looks like an adapter of 'fiberboard' for film holders. There is also a dish-like turret with gel or poly filters, in numbered positions.

I don't have a baseboard for this yet and if anyone here has an idea of what size is needed I'd appreciate the feedback. I can build a wood one without trouble and have even thought about getting one made of soapstone or granite from the stone yard where my wife works.

Any tips are welcomed.