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    Jun 2006
    SE Pennsylvania
    Multi Format
    I have one-point-something enlargers!

    The primary one is an Omega B8 acquired in early 2006 for which I have managed to amass the supplemental condensers, an assortment of negative carriers and El-Nikkor 50mm, 80mm and 105mm lenses. I haven't come up with the 'official' lens cones for the longer lenses, but stopped looking after I fabricated some out of copper-clad laminate and sheet copper. It handles 35mm, 6x6 and 6x9 which pretty well covers me these days.

    I also have a Graflarger back that wandered into my hands as salvage decades back. After replacing the disintegrating power cord a few years ago, it appears to light. I have made two sheet metal brackets to attach it to my B&J Press 4x5 in place of the spring-loaded ground glass, but don't currently have a way to suspend the camera in the darkroom (hung under a tripod would be too awkward and tedious. One-of-these-days(tm) I'll work out some sort of wall bracket so I can enlarge an occasional 4x5, but I don't really use that format except for pinhole stuff.

    I also have the remains of a crude but somewhat functional enlarger I cobbled together decades ago for Minox. And I still kick myself for not bidding an ePrey auction a while back for a gizmo that mounted in a 39mm enlarger lens thread and used the enlarger as a light source to enlarge sub-miniature stuff. It had its own negative carrier and a focusing lens mount and seemed like a cool idea. It was a commercial product, but I've never seen one before or since! (And I think it went for only a few dollars.)

    In the 1960s I had two seriously crude homemade enlargers for 35mm and 4x5, but there is naught left thereof.

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    Aug 2009
    Multi Format
    I have just over 10 at the moment. Anytime I see medium format to large format darkrooms go for peanuts close by, I pick it up. I find students to mentor every now and then, so I find a good home for a complete darkroom that will see use.

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    Jan 2007
    New York City & Pontremoli, Italy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Hall View Post
    It's good to see I'm not the only lunatic here.
    Far from it it.

    Durst L1200 Multigraph
    Durst L1200 with Color Head
    Durst Pro with Aristo Cold Light (a workhorse - I bought it used in the early 1980's). I will probably give this one up down the road... eventually.

    Durst 138SP with Color Head (in temporary storage)
    Durst M601 with Condenser kit and Color Head (in deep storage - one of my first enlargers, purchased in the early 1970's; I can't give it up. If I ever have more space, I will set it up again).

    P.S. Once in a while I check eBay for a Leitz V35 with the VC head!
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    Feb 2004
    near Dallas, TX USA
    Medium Format
    Six. (Four in storage.)
    Taking pictures is easy. Making photographs is hard.


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    Mar 2010
    Melbourne, Australia
    Multi Format
    2 I use (Leitz Focomat 1C XL, Ilford C700)

    4 I could use if I set them up (Meopta Magnitarus 5X7, Devere 54 wall mount, Meopta Axomat 5, Mepota Magnifax 6x9cm)

    5 I could use if I needed to (student 35mm enlargers I bought/saved for $5 each less lens)

    4 In the Camera Collection (Zeiss Ikon, Durst from the 50's with Agfa Color head, Russian UPA6 in a suitcase, Kodak Miniature bakelite enlarger form the 30's)
    A camera is only a black box with a hole in it....

    my blog...some film, some digital http://andrewk1965.wordpress.com/

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    Oct 2008
    Seattle USA
    Multi Format

    Fred Latchaw
    Seattle WA

    Right now in Spain they're holding the Running of the Bulls,
    followed by the Soiling of the Pants,
    and the Burying of the Idiots.

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    Oct 2004
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    More than God —or Goddess— ever intended one human to ever own . . .

    I hereby confess before you, my peers, that I am a compulsive enlarger buyer — or, sometimes, a ready and willing receiver of enlarger donations from fellow —or I should say, former!— printers who are curing themselves of the same disorder (aka: a "sucker"). This has of course been exacerbated by the drastic price drops in used enlargers that corresponded with the rise of digital photography. Not my fault.

    My only reasonable explanation (or excuse) is that —as a former Durst tech rep— I know the quality behind certain enlargers. It's impossible for me to resist snapping up a Durst M605, complete and pristine, when it's only 40 euros, or when a friend tells me that he's about to throw out an enlarger and asks, "Do you want it?", I answer, "Certainly not I have too many as it is what kind is it?".
    Him: "A Focomat with the lens".
    Me: "I hate you for this when do you want me to drop by?"

    Just last week I missed obtaining an 8x10 Kienzle which belonged to a famous French photographer. As I understand it, it was being given away (honest). But it went instead to another sucker. Whew! That was close. Anyway, I dont have anymore space in the kitchen for that! (...though, on second thought, with a high enough wattage lamp, perhaps I could've bake cookies in it).

    But seriously, since I see a lot of young people walking around with film cameras at the moment (OK.. sometimes just as a fashion accessory!) I was thinking recently that it'd be a good idea to teach darkroom printing and —at the end of the course— include a small enlarger in the (low) price, as well as free follow-up advice. This would be to encourage these younger photographers to continue developing and printing at home...and maybe in a small way help preserve our craft and pass the torch along (as well as contribute to keeping film alive!).

    Just an idea, for the moment ... Otherwise, it'll soon be "Swap Meet Heeere I come!" (cause I ain't got time for flea-bay).

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    Aug 2004
    Lehi, Utah
    ULarge Format
    Oooooh... a Kienzle. mmm
    Robert Hall
    Apug Portfolio
    Facebook Profile

    Technology is not a panacea. It alone will not move your art forward. Only through developing your own aesthetic - free from the tools that create it - can you find new dimension to your work.

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    Dec 2005
    Well, personally, I wonder what happened to Enlzilla. The one bigger than my car that Sean got a hold of several years ago.
    That's just, like, my opinion, man...

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    Dec 2006
    Humboldt Co.
    8x10 Format
    Dang...we are about to toss out a Durst M605...so it goes

    and, no, I can not sneak it out and give it to someone...it has a university property tag on it...
    At least with LF landscape, a bad day of photography can still be a good day of exercise.



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