Good points, all. What Sorry of the Heart has found with that tank is one of the curses of the ss tank systems and as bdial avers, tight is better than loose. The little ss cap can be a pain, too. I keep an implement handy to pry the little buggers off when they insist upon staying put. It may not be available in Turkey, but may be found at the local paint store or department. It is a giz for opening up paint cans. Has a little pry-point on one end and a beer bottle opener on the other. I had to grind the pry point finer so it woudl fit easily under the little cap, but it does the job when needed. The beer-bottle opener works well enough when needed. Sadly, in my experience, that part, which should serve to open 35 mm cartridges, does not work very well for me those on !@&@# factory-staked cartridges. I use a small thermonuclear device for those wretched things.