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    Red safelights (Kodak 1, 1A, and 2 or equivalents) are most assuredly safe for VC papers. The 1A is the brightest of the bunch and perfectly fine when used at least 4 ft. from the paper. The Kodak 2 filter is very dim and not good for much more than orienting yourself in the darkroom. The Kodak 1 filter is brighter, and can afford some degree of useful visible light, but is still not terribly useful. VC papers are, for all intents and purposes, completely blind to the color of the light emitted by these filters. Red "party bulbs" are not at all safe, and these should be avoided. Amber (Kodak OC or equivalent) safelights are also safe for most VC papers; and as JBoontje pointed out, are easier on the eyes than the red ones. Though I haven't done a side by side test, I'd not be at all surprised if a red safelight provides a higher margin of safety than an amber one. See this document for the spectral output of Kodak's safelight filters. Match the charts up against the spectral sensitivity of the paper you'll be using, and you'll know just how safe your safelight really is.
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