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    Quote Originally Posted by Toffle View Post
    Beseler electric motor drive with 4" x 5" Black and white head. Original instructions included.
    Durst M605 Color head working on Beseler platform
    You will be left without a way to print 4x5 Multigrade b&w.

    El-Nikkor 75 mm
    Rodenstock Omegaron 50 mm
    Schneider Kreuznach Componon 135 mm
    Komuranon 75 mm
    Kodak Projection Anastigmant 161 mm
    The Kodak lens is old and the latest Componons were "S" so for 4x5 you will get 2 usable lenses but no late-model 4x5 lens.
    Miscellaneous Darkroom equipment:
    Tons... including
    1 Dunk Tank for developing 10 sheets of 4" x 5" film
    1 Set Cibachrome Colour Printing Filters
    1 8" x 10" Cibachrome developing Tube
    1 11" x 14" Cibachrome developing Tube
    1 16" x 20" Cibachrome developing Tube ( new in box never used)
    Tons of trays to 16"x20"
    1 Speed easel 5" x 7"
    1 Speed easel 8" x 10"
    1 Variable Print Easel
    1 Rondo Guillotine paper trimmer
    1 Print Dryer with platten for glossy prints
    The Cibachrome drums probably won't be much use. The speed easles are OK but you want a 4-blade 11x14 easel.

    Chemicals: Lots of dry chems and some nasy liquids.
    including 1 Cibachrome printing kit in box
    Variety of Cibachrome chemicals

    Tons... incloding
    3 Packages Kodak Ektalure 11" x 14" paper - 10 sheets per package - unopened
    1 Package Kodak Ektalure 11" x 14" paper - open - quantity unknown
    1 Package Kodak Panalure Paper F 8" x 10" 25 sheets per box - quantity unknown
    1 Box Cibachrome paper 8" x 10" 50 sheet box - quantity unknown
    1 Box Kodak Polycontrast Rapid F 8" x 10" - 100 sheet box - quantity unknown - estimate 50+ sheets
    1 Box Ilford Ilfospeed multigrade paper 8" x 10" - 250 sheet box - quantity unknown - estimate 200+ sheets

    6 Boxes Kodak Contrast Process Ortho Film - 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 25 sheets per box - unopened
    8 Boxes Kodak Professional Copy Film - 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 25 sheets per box - unopened
    1 Box Kodak Professional Copy Film - 4" x 5" 25 sheet box - quantity unknown
    4 sheets Kodak Tri-X 4" x 5" sheet film
    1 Box Ilfolith IH4 4" x 5" 50 sheet box - estimate 40+ sheets

    Once again... opinions welcomed...
    The RC paper might be OK but may be fogged also.
    4 sheets of Kodak 4x5 may be useful but the rest not really (assuming your interest is B&W).

    I'd put that $200 on a 4x5 enlarger with a dichroic head and late model lens and leave this stuff for someone else.

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    The gear is only worth what the market will bear. If you are the only one interested in it, then it is only worth what you are wiiling to spend. Offer only half what your budget will allow, and dicker from there. tell the seller that you only want a portion of his setup, and are only willing to pay $X- if he wants it all gone at once, then tell him to throw it in for free. thats only my suggestion, its a starting point. Good luck, and keep us updated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ic-racer View Post
    You will be left without a way to print 4x5 Multigrade b&w.
    Wouldn't the 4x5 head do this? This would be an important point.
    Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada

    Ansel Adams had the Zone System... I'm working on the points system. First I points it here, and then I points it there...


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    Yes, follow the good advice given, and, above all, don't overpay.

    Second-hand photogear and materials usually has very little value, simply because of lack of demand. The original cost has no real bearing on the current value, neither has the asking price of similar gear at a dealer...he has all the expenses and overheads to cover, as well as the risk of not selling for what he hopes, and the liabilities of offering a warrenty.

    It sounds as though you might be taking a lot of stuff which you don't really need, just to get the few items of use. Fair enough if you're happy to do that as part of the deal, but you're probably doing the seller a favour and giving yourself the hassle of disposal.

    I recently bought a couple of s/h furniture items on E-Bay, in as new condition, from the same range and matching perfectly with my existing furniture. The price was small change, less than the cost of petrol to fetch them...the sellers just wanted them "out-of-the-way", yet they were quality items which would have been very expensive new. Things are only worth what someone is willing to spend at that point in time.

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    Of course you can print b&w multigrade. You can use the colour head, or filters with the b&w head. Ilford makes a set of 6"X6" filters that go in the filter drawer above the condensors. I have a 45MX that I use for b&w, and a 23C I use for colour. I use the ilford filters with the 4X5 for all of my b&wq printing.
    You won't notice any difference between a componon S and a componon. They are both six element lenses, the newer S model has a slightly different f-stop dial, but otherwise has the pretty much the same performance as the older componons.
    Rick Jason.
    "I'm still developing"

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