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    My February 2006 visit to a particularly scenic beauty spot in your "neck of the woods" was memorable for all the wrong reasons. A nice day of photography was ruined when I broke out in an itchy red rash around my shins and around toes about 15 hours after waddling about in the quaint Pool of Slalom. I took a path test jar back later and had the water examined and it turned up active colonies of ESBL-eC (extended-spectrum Beta lactam-producing escherichia coli) — an "intelligent" Superbug that allows antibiotics/penicillins into its "lair" where it then destroys the active ingredients. It's cheerfully resistant to all antibiotics and penicillins bar one (meropenem).

    Yes, I know. This may not read much like a gleaming tourism promo for the beloved Blue Mountains, but so many visitors actually do swim and drink the water in the bush around Katoomba and Blackheath; I have seen that with my own eyes; they seem to think the warning signs are a bit of a tease!

    Dunno about drinking water/darkroom water from the Desal plant; I'd want an analysis of the water (not Government spin) before gulping it down.

    I will be cobbling together a small darkroom here (in the laundry!) some time in the New Year but won't be concerned about water filtration, only finding my way in the dark! :rolleyes:
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    “The photographer must determine how he wants the finished print to look before he exposes the negative.
    Before releasing the shutter, he must seek 'the flame of recognition,' a sense that the picture would reveal
    the greater mystery of things...more clearly than the eyes see."
    ~Edward Weston, 1922.

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    I live in Melbourne and I use filtered water for developing negatives (I hate spotting) and for filling my caravan's water tanks when I go a'roving.
    or, preferably.

    I bought a double undersink unit from PSI filters with a spare cartridge for each pot for $235 or so and after 3 years have yet to use the second cartridge in either pot.
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