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I don't think I've EVER had an easel that was IN whack!

Talking about 4-bladed easels here, I've had LPL easels, unknown brand easels, ISE easels, Kostiner easel, Saunders easels..... ALL of them have had some kind of alignment problem, however small (which means large when enlarged!). All I ever asked for was an easel that would bloody-well line up alongside the edge of the negative STRAIGHT so that I could EASILY get a thin black line. As it is, I've got to spend ages stuffing around with sticky tape ensuring the line is straight under red filter before EACH exposure, particularly the final one. It shouldn't be this fiddly!

My current Saunders (30x40cm 'Universal') is no better, in fact is probably the worst of the lot so far, I really can't see how there can be any adjusting of it by me. The best out of the lot I might add was probably the Kostiner, it's blades 'gave' a little more to forcing into line properly and staying there when stuck down with tape. I had more choice in Europe, if I wanted to try yet another, but it's slim pickings as far as easels go in Australia, so I've just got to live with it really Paul...

If sprung 4 bladed easels drive you nuts try to find an old photon-beard 4 blade easel. Unlike most easels where each blade it fixed on one end (the other end just drags along when adjusted), the beard blades are adjusted and fixed on both ends. They are a bit of a pain to set up, but you never have to worry about sprung/out of square blades. In a fit of stupidity I sold mine awhile back...I still regret it.