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    thanks for the photos, jim!

    oh, one more thing: what are the different versions of the 504? how do you tell them apart?
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    You're welcome!

    From what I understand, some of the De Vere enlargers get their number from the maximum film size they will take - hence on the 504, the max film size is 5"x4" sheet film. Apart from that, the different versions of the enlarger itself are the bench model (which I have), the floor standing model (with drop-bench for bigger enlargements) and the wall-mounted model.

    The real differences come with respect to the head that is fitted to the enlarger. There are a number of condenser, diffusion and cold-cathode heads available; so... when people quote their particular setup, it's usually something like: De Vere 504 Dichromat IV - meaning any of the particular variants of the 504 bench/floor/wall models complete with the Dichromat Mk IV head.

    Check out this link from khbphotografix - it should give you some idea of the products that are still available, and those which are now discontinued.

    Hope this helps.
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