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What about RC? My experience is that an RC paper left in water will start to come apart at the corners. So that means I can not wash an RC-paper later. Or can I?

I don't have running water in my darkroom either.

So at the end of the Dev/Stop/Fix line of trays are 2 further trays Wash Tray 1 & Wash Tray 2

Even with RC, I don't usually empty out the prints from Wash Tray 2 for up to a couple of hours and have never had any problems with delamination (with Ilford Paper)

The only time I have had delamination with RC is when I had wacked the corner of a print (dropped it ) causing it to crumple and after a couple of hours it started to how signs of lifting

I still rinse the prints when I get them back to running water.

I need a break every once in a while (a pit stop and coffee) so this fits in with my darkroom workflow.

At the same time as I wash the prints, I empty Wash Tray 1, move Wash Tray2 to become the new Wash Tray1 and rinse and re-fill Wash Tray1 to become my new Wash Tray2. Repeat endlessly.