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With the Scheider lens fitted that Ian Grant very kindly sent me, I think the Meopta is possibly the best enlarger I've used over the years. /QUOTE

Well I expect at the very least a print in return for that lens :-)

Now here's the rub it has to be a print of quality & content that can sit alongside my Fay Godwin's, Blakemore's, Doisneau etc. Preferably not on Pearl multigrade . . . . . . .

It's a small price to pay for a "free" lens !

Hi Ian,

It will be my pleasure and after reading the other thread on RC/FB I'll be getting a supply of FB in later this week! Might take a while to be able to get close to the quality of the distinguished artists mentioned here though. Maybe you could hang it on the back of the loo door

Kind regards Tony