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Maplins sell mains voltage LED lamps rated at 1.8 watts. Problem is they are on a GU10 fitting and so far as I can find you can't get a bayonet to GU10 adapter to allow easy fitting to a bayonet socket. So I bodged a couple onto old bayonet fittings (don't think you can get them now either) and put them in my 2 Kodak Beehives. Didn't have the nerve to do without the orange filters already there so I put them back in. Gives a more directional light which I have tested and found safe with max-flashed Ilford MG paper for 10 minutes on the enlarger baseboard, about 6 feet from the nearest beehive.
Maplins used to quote a wavelength for these lamps which come in several colours but I notice in my latest catalogue, now a year old, that they no longer do, though they do for other LEDs.

I have just located Bayonet Cap to GU10 adaptors on Amazon - they come from HongKong, very cheap. I have seen several LED bulbs on the links in this thread, but they all seem to be Edison Screw. So I have ordered a couple of the adaptors. As I noted above I bodged amber LEDs into Kodak beehives but have kept the rather ancient amber filters in, to diffuse the light which is otherwise rather directional, and, as I now have found out, to suppress those random spikes of other wavelengths.

And apropos the bulbs seen in links, some of them have orange or red glass globes - are they white LEDs with coloured glass? Because that is not the same as an amber LED - or is it?